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I want the good life But I don´t want an easy ride What I want is to work for it Feel the blood and sweat on my fingertips That´s what […]

Erotica, romance [repeat] My name is Dita I´ll be your mistress tonight I´d like to put you in a trance If I take you from behind Push myself into your […]

Everybody, come on Everybody, you can do your thing [repeat for track 7] [Chorus:] Everybody, come on, dance and sing Everybody, get up and do your thing Everybody, come on, […]

(Spoken:) Come on girls Do you believe in love? ‘Cause I got something to say about it And it goes something like this Chorus: Don’t go for second best baby […]

You give me You give me fever Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a […]

Just one kiss on my lips Was all it took to seal the future Just one look from your eyes Was like a certain kind of torture Once upon a […]

[Verse:] You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You´re frozen When your heart´s not open You´re so consumed […]

I´m gonna tell you about love Let´s forget your life forget your problems Administration, bills and loans Come with me In the evidence of it´s brilliance [repeat] In the demonstration […]

GET STUPID (Contain excerpts from 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, Beat Goes On, Voices) Who is the master and who is the slave? (Robotic Voice) Tic Tac, Tic Tac […]