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Si estás sola no eres infiel, Déjalo que se vaya volando, En mis brazos estás mejor… Hace mucho lo estás pensando, Dile que no, que te has cansado, Que ya […]

I know I’m not perfect, I know I got issues, I know that I’ve got a sordid past, And, yeah, some bad tattoos. I’m not a model, I’m not a […]

She said tonight’s a waste of time The next day the sun will always rise Every day that you waste Every promise you break Slips beneath the floor It’s a […]

남자는 똑같다는 게 그 말이 이제 이해돼 감이 오질 않아 너란 놈 이젠 있다 없다 왔다 갔다 하는 너를 내가 바꿀 수 있다 믿었던 게 나 그게 참 바보 같아 […]

There’s a hole in my heart I’ve been hiding I’ve been strong for so long That I’m blind Is there a place I can go where the lonely river flows? […]

Sometimes I sit pretty, sometimes I act silly, Sometimes, I’m so chill them boys be so illy, like bruh Imma let you, lmma let you finish but bruh Understand? Bruh […]