Bassjackers & KSHMR, Sidnie Tipton – Extreme

Oh oh oh oh oh
bottles getting low
body’s getting high in the neon lights and a pink sky
i don’t even know, where u’ve been before.but i make it like till the first time.
ur first time
cuz u got something bright in those dark eyes
oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh
must me up just please don’t apoligize
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
(i like it extreme.em.even more than you like it in your dreams.ams.)2
only u know exactly what i mean.ean.
so just take me take me
and i know that i like it.and i know.and i know
(take me to extremes… only you.only you know)
only u know that i like it 2.
////bottles ////repeat 2

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