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Es un ángel, suave su piel. Bella se ve, como ella no existe alguien. Ella es un ángel que del cielo cayó y me cambió, Pero de noche una diabla […]

These bitches want Nikes (This is a setup) They looking for a check (Oh my god) Tell em it ain’t likely (This bitch tryna set me up) Said she need […]

I gotta ask where you been hiding You’re like a 20 karat diamond The finer things in life were shining How ‘bout that late night wine and dining? You want […]

Let me go I don’t wanna be your hero I don’t wanna be your big man I just wanna fight with everyone else You’re a masquerade I don’t wanna be […]

New Jersey tongue, not saying too much I’m feeling your attitude That East Coasting, baby, is driving me crazy Just like it’s supposed to do With hands that could save […]