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What good is love and peace on earth? When it’s exclusive? Where’s the truth in the written word? If no one reads it A new day dawning Comes without warning […]

Pasan tantas cosa en la vida, días tristes, días de alegría, hay momentos, idas y venidas que no puedo olvidar… Pero hay algo puro y misterioso, que te embriaga, que […]

Stay with your hands up in the sky Like you want to testify For the life that’s been deleted Sing like a rebel’s lullaby Under the stars and stripes For […]

I get my kick And I wanna start a rager I wanna dance Like I’m on the video I’ve got a fever For the violent behavior I’m sweating bullets Like […]

I´m feeling Yummy head to toe (you see me) Ain´t got no patience so let´s go (you see me) Look, I´m diet drama Wanna spend the night? Don´t bring pajamas […]