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I got too many people I got left to prove wrong All those motherfuckers, have been too mean for too long And I’m so sick of crying Darling, what’s it […]

This what God feel like, yeah Laughing to the bank like aha, yeah Flex on swole like aha, yeah You feel some type of way then, aha, yeah Ever since […]

Close your eyes, fall asleep! Broken promises that you never keep! Drift away tonight! Just drift away tonight! We used to dream, we used to laugh! No one could tell […]

Me da pánico mi propio ego, ciego de mí mismo llego hasta el mismísimo Olimpo y le pego fuego al puto monte, hogar de ridículos dioses, mi nombre se eleva […]

I wouldn’t be angry if you just fucking cried Your tears would arouse me, refreshing my supply The suffering is fading, I scream into the sky Repulsion invades me, I […]