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Mike Will Made It Nigga Sremm Life Black Barbies in the city Fat ass and pretty titties Get dummies for they money You sent flowers but I wish I didn’t […]

hew-chew-chew-chew chewing gum Chew-chew-chew-chew Chew-chew-chew-chew-chew Chew-chew-chew-chew chewing gum 내 까만 스니커즈를 지금 멈추게 (만든 너) 범인은 어서 나와 좋은 말 할 때 (빨리나와) 끈적한 발이 떨어지지 않는 게 (조금 전) […]

Cause my faith in you is very comfortable for me My faith in you, baby, is very comfortable for me Never trust a door ‘til it’s open Never trust a […]

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Told your mama and your brother you won’t compromise Say my innocent decision keeps you up at night Talk about […]

Trust me, I plead So good for you, baby (Oh no no) Love me, hate me Either way we’ll go crazy Go crazy In the bedroom babe Cause anyone could… […]

Oh man down You’re shaking his solid ground You’re running me wild And breaking me down, down Desperate now Way you do it, I don’t know how You’re drinking me […]