Limp Bizkit – Secret track (stereotype me)

Am I a freak in the darkness
Or am I a misfit
You speak with opinions
To seek in so deep
But it´s alright
Well your just an illusion
Confused by your narrow mind
Reality is up ahead in the distance
But that lack of persistence has left you behind
Now you´re reaching for your sanity
Cause you afraid of me, so don´t fuck with me
You wanna ask me a question, well I got a question
How much longer can I tolerate this shit
Ego?s trip when you´re livin´ on the flip side
Droppin out of the uterus and die, damn
I see ya pointin? your finga
You stereotype me, cause you don´t like me
Well you don´t even know me, punk
You don´t know me
You stereotype me, cuz you dont like me

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