Michael Jackson – Whatever Happens

He gives another smile, tries to understand her side
To show that he cares
She´s consumed with everything that´s been goin? on
She says

Whatever happens, don´t let go of my hand
Everything will be alright, he assures her
But she doesn?t hear a word that he says
Preoccupied, she´s afraid
Afraid that what they´re doing is not right
He doesn?t know what to say, so he prays
Whatever, whatever, whatever


Don´t let go of my hand
Don´t let go of my hand
He´s working day and night, thinks he?ll make her happy
Forgetting all the dreams that he had
He doesn?t realize it´s not the end of the world
It doesn?t have to be that bad
She tries to explain, It´s you that makes me happy
Whatever, whatever, whatever



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