I am a product – of your conduct The uncontrollable urges that made me Have made us all – Are you proud? Do you even care? You taught us all […]

Shakedown 1979, cool kids never have the time On a live wire right up off the street You and I should meet Junebug skipping like a stone With the headlights […]

Beautiful, you´re beautiful, as beautiful as the sun Wonderful, you´re wonderful, as wonderful as they come And I can´t help but feel attached To the feelings I can´t even match […]

Cast the pearls aside, of a simple life of need Come into my life forever The crumbled cities stand as known Of the sights you have been shown Of the […]

You wrap your arms around A feeling that surrounds Like a liquid peppermint Just taste the drinks that she served And this feeling shivers down your spine Love comes in […]