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Kylie Minogue – Cruise control

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Top down, get on the wheel
Baby things are better when you just feel
And you do you your own thing
Ah, just let it swing
Drive me to I don´t care
I´m enraputured take me anywhere
I just wanna fly
I like this CD

Turn the music up
And baby don´t slow down
If you want me
All you gotta do
Is keep me going now
Listen, can you give me that´
Baby just hit

The cruise control
Ready, get set, go
You drive me crazy boy
I like it racy boy
On cruise control
We´ve been on a roll
Feels like the speed of light
Sit back and enjoy the ride

Oh no, the lights go green
Time out, do you know what I mean?
We´re on our own
I ain´t going home
Out there I wanna be
No more bumper-to-bumper cars for me
We´re on the highway
Put it on replay



Driving on cruise control
(Baby can you give me that, baby can you hit the)

On cruise control [backwards]



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