Aaron Carter – Jump Jump

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Verse 1
I got a friend and I may just get him
Ready and a push with a mic in my right hand
Move you, groove you
Get something to dance to, if you want to
Step outside, come along, let´s ride
Don´t listen to the talk, take a walk on the wild side
Thinkin?, talkin?, clockin?, everybody´s shockin?, and rockin

Cause you know and I know
That we rule the dance floor
If the dj?s too slow-slow
I guess that it´s a no-no, no-no
If I say

Jump jump to say how high
Jump jump to the left to the right
Jump jump and turn around
Jump jump and touch the ground

Verse 2
Ain´t gonna mix with the latest craze
Everybody´s thinking it´s just a phase
But they don´t about going out, showing out, and hanging out
And don´t know the rules about



Say boomity boom boom, boombastick
Fun fun fun, funtastick
Swing the nation
Cause a sensation
Or good vibration
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
Somebody, anybody, everybody

Yo, aaron, where you at, man?

Chorus x2, fade out





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