AC/DC – Shot down in flames

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Out on the town, looking for a woman
Gonna give me good love
Anybody want to hang out with me
And give me plenty of
She was standing alone over by the jukebox
Like she´s something to sell
I said, Baby what´s the going price
She told me to go to hell

Shot down in flames
Shot down in flames
Ain´t it a shame
To be shot down in flames

Singles bar, got my eye on a honey
Hanging out everywhere
She might be straight
She minds on her money
I really don´t care, no
Said, Baby, you´re driving me crazy
Layed it out on the line
When a guy with a chip on his shoulder said
Toss off buddy she´s mine, oh


Hey you Angus, shoot me, shoot
That´s nice, wow
Uh, oh oh, woooooh




I don´t want to be in pain
Don´t want to be shot down in flames





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