Acme – Last breath

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Another step in the dark
another night below this sky
what happened to out plans?
what happened to «we’ll never be apart»?

I just can’t stand this ugly sight
but when i close my eyes
i still can see you smile
sometimes i can taste our kiss goobye

Will i get to see the sun
after this long night?
stars keep falling down and my only friend
is dying in my hands
will i get to come back home?
will i get to see mom and dad
the girl i gave my heart to?
i hope thhe’ll wait for me

Another shot in the dark
but this time i could not hide
it’s time for me to go
take me god i’m ready to go home
i think of you as i fall down
and with my one last breath
i scream your name so loud
my voice breaks the silence of the night

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