Alfredo Le Pera – Guitarra guitarra mia (ingles) Guitar, my guitar

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Guitar, my guitar
by the roads of the wind
anger, love and lament
fly in your harmonies

Lances of the past
to your incantation they fought;
my woman’s deep pupils
they cried of pain
hearing your song
Guitar, Creole guitar,
tell her that that cry is mine!

Blue nights of the pampas
where I calmed her angers,
there are two stars that die
when her eyes fall asleep

Guitar of my loves
with your feather of sound
you go towing my longings
on withered routes
that spread powder on pains
Guitar, noble and flowered,
remain silent if she forgets me!

Measuring eternal distances
today they spring from your strings
songs that have fragrances
of a forgotten gaucho time

When your song rises
as the life clears up,
sometimes your strings have
caresses of sweet
black braids
As blue bird without ties
it is this way my Creole guitar





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