Alfredo Le Pera – Lejana tierra mia (ingles) My distant land

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My distant land
under your sky,
under your sky,
I want to die some day
with your consolation,
with your consolation
And hear the song of gold
of your bells that I miss so much;
I don’t know if upon contemplating you
upon returning
I will laugh or cry

Silence of my village
that only breaks the serenata
of an ardent Romeo
under a sweet moon of silver
In a flowery balcony
the murmur of an oath is heard,
that the breeze carried with its echoes
of other troubles of love

There is always the balcony
with its flower and its sun
You are not here, I miss you
Oh! My love
My distant land
of my love,
as I name you
in my nights of insomnia
with the eyes
full of amazement
Tell me, my little star,
that my hopes are not vain;
well you know
that I should prompt return
to my old love





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