Allure Of Damnation – The Hidden Pleasure

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Nightfall dreams were granted

Religious thoughts are shattered

Nights of passion,nights of pain

Flesh is weak, lust is strength

Hidden obssessions, of the virgin

Will blame, thou art dictator

Heaven’s on fire, Satan’s desire

Who will rule, the world next

Feeble church, crumbles, sacred rites, desecrated

The wolves, on the hill, howl with thee

Your skin I yearn to share

The secret taste,the hidden pleasure

Beloved, in darkest night I feel your spell

Can’t resiste the origin of sin

The recollaction of temptation is too strong

Temptation takes control

My precious gift I offer you

Spread your legs, unveil your throne

I feel me deep

Feed the burning desire, that breeds in me

Your caress cuts like a serpent fang

And makes me shiver

This moment shall last forever

I love the screams she made

My triumph my reign

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