America – Right Before Your Eyes

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Everyday I sit beside you
On the bus to Madison Avenue
You work in the big gray store
With the revolving doors

You don’t even know my name
I guess that I’m to blame
Don’t know the right things to say
So I pretend away that I’m

Rudolph Valentino
Pull up in my limousine
Oh, won’t you come in out of the rain
Things will never be the same
And then just like Greta Garbo
You’ll stare like there’s no tomorrow
And you’ll know what I’m thinking of
And right before your eyes I fall in love with you

Today I’m done with games
Gonna ask you for your name
Say I’ve been watching you
I even know what you do

Maybe today I’ll tell you
Have found the nerve to sell you
On a guy like me
Who wishes that he could be your


And right before my eyes
You’ll say you love me too






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