Andrews sister – In the mood

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Mr. Whatchacallim, whatcha doin tonight?
Hope youre in the mood, because Im feelin just right!

Hows about a corner with a table for two?
Where the musics mellow and some gay rendezvous!
Theres no chance romancin with a blue attitude!
Youve got to do some dancin to get in the mood!

Sister Whatchacallim thats a timely idea!
Something swing-a-dilla would be good to my ear!
Everybody must agree that dancin has charms,
When you have that certain one you love in your arms!

Steppin out with you will be a sweet interlude!
Oh builder up for that would put me in the mood!

In the mood!
Thats it!
I got it!

In the mood!
Your ear will spot it!

In the mood!
Oh what a hot hit!

Be alive
And get the jive,
Youve got to learn how!

Hep like a hepper!

Hot as a pepper!

Step like a stepper!

From muggin to huggin
Were in the mood now!

Mr. Watchacallim, All you needed was fun!
You can see the wonders that this evening has done!
Your feet were so heavy, till they hardly could move!
Now theyre light as feathers and youre right in the groove!
You were only hungry for some musical food!
Youre positively absolutely in the mood!

Sister watchacallim, Im indebted to you!
It all goes to show what good a new hit could do!
Never felt so happy and so fully alive!
It seems that jammin jumpin is a powerful jive!
Swing-a-roo has given me a new attitude!
My heart is full of rhythm and Im in the mood!

In the mood!
Thats it!
Cause I got it!

And Im

In the mood!
Your ear will spot





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