Arctic Monkeys – Perhaps vampires is a bit strong but…

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I´ve seen your eyes as they fix on me what is he doing what on earth is the
Plan has he got one
You better give me some pointers since you are the big rocket launcher and
I´m just the shot gun,
I ant got no dollar signs in my eyes that might be a surprise but its true
I´m not like you and I don_t want your advice or your praise or to move in
The ways you do

All you people are vampires
All your stories are stale
Though you pretend to stand by us
Though you´re certain we´ll fail

I´ve seen you´re eyes as they fix on me full of confusion your snarl is just
So condescending
Trying to explain that we´re on to a win if the fee we get in near recoups
What we´re spending
He said I can´t believe that you drove all that way well how much did they
Pay ya how much did they pay ya, You´d have been better to stay round our Way
Thinking about things but not actually doing things





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