Arctic Monkeys – You probably couldn?t see for the lights but you were stari

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One look sends it coursing through the veins oh how the feeling races
Back up to their brains to form expressions on there stupid faces
They don´t want to say hello
Like I want to say hello
Oh the heartbeats at its peak when you´re coming up to speak

And I´m so tense, never tenser
Could all go a bit Frank Spencer?
I´m talking gibberish, tip of the tongue but I can´t deliver it
Properly, oh it´s all getting on top of me
And if it weren?t this dark you´d see how red my face has gone

Everybody´s trying to crack the jokes and that to make you smile
Those that claim that they´re not showing off are drowning in denial
They´re not half as bad as me say anything and I´ll agree
When it comes to acting up, I´m sure I could write the book

And now that you´re more than a part in the play
It´s slightly easier to think what to say
You had us all, standing on our heads
Doing our best tricks

Never again, will there be another one that´s as desirable as you





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