beat cairo – vidas perdidas 1997

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(Elena «?? Bavetta) 1997

We wanna see him now
see him saying we’re right
it’s not for criticism
but just for help

So many times we said him
you’ve gotta leave this habit now
a glass in your hand
won’t make you the best

Ain’t education enough for making up a good man ?
it should at least help somehow to survive
is it worth to loose one’s life for any stupid thing ?
or just loose some of yours friends
try please try to make a change
try for life
( try for the sake of life )
I’d love to see you back again

You just listen to me !
can’t you really leave it now ?
hey guy, I was happy when
I left it behind

What happened to you, man ?
didn’t I tell you what to do ?

Now it’s much too late
he has gone





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