Beck – E-pro

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See me comin to town with my soul
Straight down out of the world with my fingers
Holding onto the devil I know
All my troubles?ll hang on your trigger
Take your eyes and your mind from the road
Shoot your mouth off but look where you´re aiming
Don´t forget to pick up what you sow
Talking trash to the garbage around you

See me kickin the door with my boots
Broke down out in a ditch of old rubbish
Snakes and bones in the back of your room
Handing out a confection of venom
Heaven?s drunk from the poison you use
Charm the wolves with the eyes of a gambler
Now I see it´s a comfort to you
Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight

I won´t give up that ghost
It´s sick the way these tongues are twisted
The good in us is all we know
There´s too much left to taste that´s bitter

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