BLITTO junto a Pj Rose – U WANT IT

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Letra: Blitto
Musica: Blitto y L Rodi?o

Ate the system, ate the charity
The doctrines, the transparency
Ate your spirit, ate the diamond
Ate the credit card, Ate your mind
I was a traveler round the hurricane
and now Im pausing myself as spider on their web
What do you have that make you feel alive?
The feeling is so bad, so sad, so mad, so mad

Ate the programms, ate the channels
ate the forbidden, ate the fame
ate the spirit, ate the diamonds
ate the credit cars, ate your mind

u want it – Tell me if you really want it
cause nobody know what you will really need
u want it «?? tell me that you want it
cause nobody know, what you will really feel

(Feel the best, there is a guy, who can touch me
Has an eye the ocean floor has eyes
Ate the spirit, ate the money,your stupid perspective, your doctrines)

Tell me that you want it
U want it «?? tell me that you want it
Oh baby, tell me where I should go
D`u want it? You`ve got it

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