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Bryan Adams – Nowhere fast

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We´re always on the run these days
We hardly have the time to say
What matters most of all
Ya you´ve always been the only one
The only one to make me run
Anytime you call
Let´s not talk about the future
Let´s not talk about the days gone past
All this time – we´ve been runnin? round in circles
I can feel a change a comin´
And I know we´re gonna make it last
From now on – we´ll be goin? somewhere slowly
Instead of going nowhere fast
When everything has come and gone
We´ll look back on this road we´re on
And see how far we´ve come (ya we´ve come a long way)
Faster than the days go by
I know we´re gonna make them last
Instead of goin? nowhere fast

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