Busta Rhymes – Legend Of The Fall Offs

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[Death; portrayed by Busta Rhymes + sounds of a shovel digging + a heartbeat]
Yeah I know
A lot of you niggaz don’t plan on the day when you’d have to see me
You see – I’m that nigga that you should really be afraid of
I dig graves for niggaz like you
We gon’ get more acquainted at a time when you least expect it

[Chorus 2X: female singer]
Do you ever think (do you ever think)
What life would be (what life would be)
Where you will go (where will you go)
After you die (after you die)

[Death] You fucked up nigga!

[Busta Rhymes]
You know that when that time comes and nobody is checkin
And everything you had is gone in the split of a second
That’s when it starts hittin the fan and it gets real in this bitch
Just face the fact your shit’s a wrap and you gotta deal with the shit
Despite I talk about it, I ain’t makin fun of them niggaz
I give thanks cause I’ve been blessed and I ain’t one of them niggaz
Can’t imagine how difficult it is, I know you suspect
that shit around you is lookin dumb, it’s gettin hard to accept it
Alone in the mirror, you look at yourself and you smile
Disregarding the fact your running’s been done for a while
Refuse to acknowledge the truth like the mind of a child
Continue frontin, like it’s nothin while you live in denial
While all your people around you start to leave you in the same place
You overexert the little you have left to save face
You tryin to hide your expression from lookin worried
on what to do when your career is buried


[Busta Rhymes]
Niggaz ain’t GIVIN a fuck about your flows no more
You ain’t the star you were, fuckin the same hoes no more
Promoters ain’t payin and bookin you for shows no more
You ain’t whippin the Range, you ain’t whippin a Rolls no more
Reality starts to settle in, you’re sweatin every wake up
You’re broke and now you gotta return your jewelry to Jacob
You run around and you front like you’re still on fire
But nobody believes you; and now you live as a liar
You’re onnly lyin to yourself cause it’s evident in the proof
As your world continues to crumble, come to terms with the truth
You’re still holdin on to them days when everything was about you
But niggaz don’t even remember you enough to just shout you
I remember when you did your thing without a doubt tastefully
The problem was you didn’t know when to bow out gracefully
Once told, never burn out, it’s best to fade away
Preserve your value so that you can live to see a greater day
People see you and it’s bugged that you mean nothin
You doin shit and front to prove to people you mean somethin
It happens in the vicious when the truth starts to settle in
You step to the door of the club and see that you ain’t gettin in
Forgettin you a man first, chasin the fame
Got to remember, morals and principles, reppin your name proper
but most niggaz don’t, and they whole life hurried
What do you do when your career is buried


[Death; portrayed by Busta Rhymes + (Busta Rhymes)]
I told you we was gonna get more acquainted
at a time when you least expect it nigga
I’m here to lay you to rest once and for all [coughing]
You’ve been dead a long time but you refuse to accept that shit
But it’s okay [coughing]
Nigga shut the FUCK UP AND GET IN THE BOX NIGGA! (WAIT!! Please!)
It was custom built for all niggaz like you [lid closes]
You just don’t wanna accept when it’s time to hang it up
(Stop! BITCH!) See you in the afterlife nigga (Wait! HELP!!!)
(OPEN THIS SHIT!! [knocking])
(OPEN THIS SHIT!! [knocking])
[Busta Rhymes screams incoherently]

[screaming and sounds of the shovel burying him to fade]





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