Utopia – Do Ya

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Well, in this life I seen everything I can see
Well i, I´ve seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand,
I´ve seen babies dancing in the midnight sun,
And I´ve seen sweet dreams
That came from the heavenly skies above
I´ve seen old ladies crying at their own grave sides,
And I´ve seen pigs all sitting, looking at picture slides
But I never seen nothin´ like you

Do ya, do ya want my love
Do ya, do ya want my face
Do ya, do ya want my mind

Well i, heard the choir singin? out of tune,
As they sang auld lang syne by the light of
The moon
I heard the preacher bangin? on the drums,
But I never heard nothing like you

In the country, where the sky touches down
On the field, you lay your head down
To rest in the morning sun
They come a?runnin? just to get a look, just to
Feel to touch your long black hair, they don´t give a damn

Well i, do you understand what I´m trying to say to you all,
That is I´d like to save you for a rainy day, yeah,
I´ve seen enough of the world to know baby,
That I´ve got to get it on to get it on tomorrow





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