Carlos Cesar Lenzi – Half light (A media luz)

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Corrientes three-four-eight,
second floor, elevator
There are no doormen nor neighbors
Inside, cocktail and love
Loft furnished by Maple:
piano, rug and nightlamp,
a telephone that answers,
a fonograph that cries
old tangos of my flower
and a porcelain cat
that can’t mew the love

And everything at half light
that love is a sorcerer
At half light the kisses
At half light the two of us
And all at half light
interior twilight
What a soft velvet
the half light of love!

Juncal twelve twentyfour
Call without fear
On afternoons, tea with pastries;
at night, tango and singing
On Sundays, tea dancing;
on Mondays, emptiness
There is everything in the little house:
pillows and sofas;
like in a drugstore, coke;
carpets muffling the sound
and a table set for love

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