Celine Dion – When the wrong one loves you right

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i don´t care, what they think
how they feel, or what they say
your?re everything, i ever knew
i always wanted, baby
I´ve been warned, so many times
they tell me I´ve ignored the signs

but nobody knows you like i do
the only one for me is you

getting tierd, of hearing that
you´re dangerous, but they wont stop
until i leave, they wont belive
that being with you wont break my heart
so worried ´bout, the road ahead
they can´t see that, your my best friend

there never gonna take me from you
there´s nothing they can do

how can i walk away
when the feeling?s so strong
i know you´re where i belong
they say i let my heart
make up my mind
that´s why i´ll never say goodbye

i can´t stop, can´t fight, can´t resist it
when the wrong one loves you right
can´t run-can´t hide-can´t say no
when the wrong one loves you right
when the wrong one loves you right

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