Christina Aguilera – Obvious

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Can you hear it in my voice
Was it something I let slip
Does the whole world know
Isn´t it obvious?

I´m the one who´s in control
Now I´m acting like a fool
Do my feelings show?
Is my face aglow?
Isn´t it obvious?

That I don´t know what
I´m doing anymore
I´m feeling like a little girl
Caught up in emotions
I´m out of control
Isn´t it obvious?

Do you see my hands, they tremble
Wonder why I can´t
Look you in the eyes
Don´t know how long
I can keep this inside
Isn´t it obvious?


Suddenly these emotions are
In control of my heart
Can you see it in my eyes
Every glance, every smile
Must give me away
And I feel so much I can´t hide


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