Ciara – Bet Ya (hey)

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Hey ya,
Hey Hey,

Left you yesterday (hey),
Left you in that way (babe)
Left you all alone (no)
Left you on the phone (woah)
Left you in public,
Left you in privacy,
Left you so quick,
Left ya , Bet ya, miss me (hey)

Bet Ya, Bet Ya,
Want it,
Bet Ya, Bet Ya,
Flaunt it
(Oh Hey)
Bet Ya on the dancefloor (Hey)
Bet Ya I go out the door (Hey)
Bet Ya (hey)
(hey, oh, hey, oh,hey ooooh)

Oh now play it real cool,
Tryin ‘a make me feel a fool,
Tryin ‘a make me feel so,
Baby baby low (hey)
Oh Hey Yo
Dancing to the rythm,
Ma ladies, I am with ‘em,
You some kinda freak,
Tryin’a make me feel so weak
(Hey oh Hey oh Hey)
Hey Yeah


So step up face it (face it ) boy (oh)
Hey I’m not ya little toy (hey)
Wanna feel ma flow (hey babe)
(Uh Uh Oh Yeah) Ooh babe I said no
Oh you can’t resist
Oh you are dismissed
Bet ya miss me cool,
I’m not a fool
Oh Oh Oh
CHORUS X3 to fade





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