Ciara – Crazy

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Verse 1:
It’s time to make a difference
I know he’s mad
Right now I’m feelin’ like I need him in my life
I don’t wanna leave him
Coz he’s my best friend
And without him, I can see us breaking up
People said it wouldn’t work
I’d end up gettin’ hurt
But what do they know because he’s my man

I don’t care what people say
Coz this feels good to me
And I don’t want him to leave

It’s crazy
Tell me how come
Something I really want
Something I love is so bad for me
I can’t explain it
It’s just like a bad habit
I can’t shake it
So crazy crazy crazy
I can’t believe it
How I need him
He makes a difference
Y’all I’m trippin’
It’s crazy
Dunno which way to go
Can’t let him go
Even though I know
He ain’t the one for me

Verse 2:
Time to throw in some drama
Can’t take him home to mama
I’m gon be honest
He a cold player
Flirts with every girl that he meets
How he can do that to me
And make it all better
So charming and clever
He can get whatever
He asks me for or talkin about
Somethin I can’t do without, yeah



Bridge 2:
And none of this ain’t smart
Coz he’ll probably break my heart
But he’s the best thing in the world that’s ever happened to me (me-ee-ee)
I don’t care what other people say
Don’t want him to go away
I’m hopin that he’ll stay right here with me, it’s so crazy, ooohhh

(Chorus x2)

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