Crazy Town – Face the music

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Now, we push rhymes, crazy rhymes
Words force fed to your mind
Trace the source brother, brother
Face the music, dont confuse it for another
Nothing comes close to this
Kiss the sky
These grands change hands
As our fans multiply
We push rhymes
People gather round when we
Kick them
Go Boy, Shifty stick em
Ha ha ha stick em
Burning bridges, smoking ism,
Losing my religion,
Shooting the breeze,
We got these MCs ass kissing
If you cant take the heat,
Then get your ass out of the kitchen
I freak it off the wall
Crammin, slammin points of view
Into your fucking skull
Bitch, thats why we stick em

Stick em
Ha ha ha stick em
Ha stick em, ha ha ha stick em
Stick em, ha ha ha stick em
Stick em, stick-em, stick em
Stick em, ha ha ha stick em
Ha stick em, ha ha ha stick em

Well, I tapped you on the spinal
With an anesthetic
Epic is the definition
Written into grooves of vinyl
Its called survival,
When I drop the stylish into friction
Techtonic traits
Drifting like the plates,
It shakes like the quakes in Cali
The mystic Majaraji
Mission of the kamikaze comeback kid
Producer super status
Im here to claim my reign
As the baddest beat peddler
So, place your bet middler
The roof is a blaze
And yo, were smoking out the fiddler
Were sipping on a hundred proof liquor
Welcome to the dooms day dawning
Hot like the sun
No time to relax
We pack the doomsday gun


Call me a drifter, richter
When I hit you with the stick em
Im talking shit
The pit starter
A wanted man
The one who cuffed your daughter
To my bed stand
I talk a lot of shit
because I know a lot of shit
I know, I said Id quit
But I just want another hit
Its madness
Pimping like Gladys,
The baddest
Maintain our status
That is no question
Releasing tension,
As we step into the seventh dimension
This jabber jaws, jaws are slapping
Wes whats happening
Bones are breaking
And fingers snapping
The pressures on
With non-stop action
Whether banging your head
Or steady maxing






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