Dashboard Confessional – Clean breaks

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I believe in clean breaks, I keep the old troubles away

But you´re making sure
I was lying when I said

«I can leave,
This behind»

I need you to ruin me
For this, finally,
Cause it´s burying me

Now, I´m in these old knots
Each move keeps me locked away

With each new embrace,
I have tied myself up

More tightly,
Into you

Oh, but the more I fight
Then the deeper I´m trapped
And I can´t break free of this hold that you have

And I crave you more
Under the heat of your touch
And I need your skin

To ruin me
For this wicked town
Where your ghosts are bound
To me

One last sacrifice
Of this ritual escape

I was lying when I said
«I believe,
in clean breaks»

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