delirious – miracle maker

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My nerves are jangling with these sweet sensations
Baby Baby, looks like a superstar
I´d like a promise of love and patience
What am I to do? How am I to know?
Who you are

She shimmers like a California sunset
Honey, honey glitters but theres no gold
She carries sweetly infectious magic formulas
I´m so delirious, is she that serious?
Is she bringing me on, I´ve been waiting so long

And this love, Fool, osophy is killing
Previous illusions that
I had in my mind about you
Seems so true, all the lies you´re telling
Tragically compelling and
My love it means nothing to you
So maybe I´m still a love Fool

I don´t want to be a love Fool
I don´t want the world I want you
But don´t let me be your love Fool





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