Deluxe – This Time Could Be The Last One

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How do you feel
when you remember 1st time
and it’s the last time?

What can you say now
time passes so fast and
there’s no answers?

How did you feel
when you killed that man?
when you tell that story again?
maybe it’s not easy to explain

And your air
is getting thin
your voice has another tone
and you are left there on your own

I wish you would never had to go away
but I know she’s waiting
you’re not gonna be alone

You are so tired and
you think your slide’s slow
but you’ve got to stay
just a little more
you know this time could be the last one

What do you feel
when you see it for the 1st time
and it could be the last one

When you thought
that she would stay forever
and she’s gone up now





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