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Destiny s Child – Free

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[Verse 1- Beyonce]

Wait a minute, wait a minute
I think I got to take some time and clear my mind cause if I don´t I might (scream)
Scream out loud in a little bit
I´m a tell you what I´m talking about Ladies (Ladies, ladies)
If you know what I mean
When you in love you give your everything
(I´m tired of that happening)
This time is for you and me
You been doing you
I´m goin? do me
Ladies help me sing it

You steady telling lies
I stayed and pacified
While I kept denying the truth
You always here and there
Finally I don´t care
I´m going to keep it real with you

Ain´t no feeling like being free
When your mind´s made up
And your hearts in the right place, yeah
Ain´t no feeling like being free
When you´ve done all you could
But what´s misunderstood
(It´s all good, it´s all good)
Ain´t no feeling like being free
I´m like an eagle set free
And finally I´m looking out for me
Ain´t no feeling like being free
Cause my minds amde up
And my heart is in the right place, yeah

[Verse 2- Beyonce]
Hold ´em up, wait a second
I got to get something off my chest
My happiness was our happiness, I lived and (breathed)
You and all your needs
Let me speak, it´s best I do what´s best for me
Now ladies, (ladies)
I got my mind back
I been there and done that (no looking back no)
Oh, this time is for me
If you been doing you
I´m going to do me
I´m free

[Pre-chorus 2]
Time is of the essence
And it´s much too short to waste another minute on you
While you steady trying to hide
I´m packing saying bye
Thought you were my dream come true

[Repeat Chorus]
[Bridge (Kelly)]
No it ain´t easy being left out (no)
Or being forgotten about (being forgotten about)
You don´t deserve my love (my love)
I´ve had enough set me free (free)

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3- (Michelle)]
Can I get some loving (mmm)
Can I get some time (mmm)
Loving in the morning (Yeah)
And in the midnight hour (baby,baby)
I gave you everyting you wanted (wanted)
I gave you everything you needed (mmm)
But you just didn´t do right (no,no)
So baby I´m leaving
It feels good to be free

[Chorus Out]

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