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DMX – Bring your whole crew

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Come on, uhh, uhhh huhhh
But they don´t hear me though
Uhh, but they don´t hear me though,
uhh, but they don´t but they don´t

I got blood on my hands and there´s no remorse
I got blood on my dick cuz I fucked a corpse
I´m a nasty nigga when u pass me nigga look me in my eyes
Tell me to my fuckin face that u ready to die
U be a dead mutha fucka red mutha fucka
Don´t be stupid you heard what I said mutha fucka
Who shot u ohhh nigga like u don´t know
Stickin you for your doe while I´m fuckin your broke ho
Yo don´t u get the picture niggaz can´t touch me
Cuz I don´t give a fuck G I´ll get u touched B
I got choice ripple my slug?ll take apart a door
And enuf crazy niggaz behind me to start a war
So what u want nigga help me is about your best
When I´m finished Red Cross couldn´t clean up the mess
And a vest will do nothin but make u look a little thicker
Cuz in the dark u ain´t nothin but a lil nigga
But if you´ve been thinkin about that shit u did
You wouldn´t have brought the joint wit u kid
Now I might have to get u kid and split your wig wit a machedi
I bring beef to niggaz and string them out like spaghetti
U ain´t ready lord can u stand how I´m bringin it
I´m givin it is how I´m livin it so I´m swingin it
Red dot on your head cuz you?s in mid range
Red dot on your chest opens up your rib cage

I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It´s just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole thru [x 4]

Now if your heart wuz as big as your mouth you´d be real
But it´s not so I know if u get knocked you´ll squeal
Like a bitch cuz u iz a bitch and always been a bitch
And u know how niggaz do a bitch we run up in a bitch
For somethin in a bitch nigga do u know nigga do u owe me
Figure you could blow me well I´ma let this trigga feel u homey
That niggaz got to be smokin somethin thinkin u chokin somethin
Fuckin around wit me you´ll be a broken somethin
I´m out for blood wit the crypts at war
How much shit could u talk wit your lips on the floor
Pussy niggaz make me itch so I scratch you?s a bitch
So I snatch up your face fake ass bitch so I scratch u
Yeah There was a time when I would have jumped up and choked this nigga
But now I´m on some shit like Yo smoke this nigga
I´m bout to find out how much guts u got before I spill em
Somebody come and get this mutha fucka before I kill em
Ahhh! fresh out the asylum I´m wylin
Yall niggaz know the phone number for help u best ta dial them
9-1-1 emergency the urgency
We´ll have witnesses seein what the surgeon see
How far u gonna get wit your dome split fool
Or catch your man strippin cuz he think his shape cool
But it ain´t so I paint the walls wit his blood
Another dick in the mud
nigga what!


Ahh you u know who this is for, they let the doggs in the door [x 2]


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