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Elton John – The wasteland

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Some days I think it´s all a dream
The things I´ve done, the places that I´ve been
This life of mine seemed surreal at times
Wasted days and nights in someone else?s mind

Could it be I´m not for real?
I´ve slapped my face to check out how I feel
There´s hostages to prove it´s true
Who lives behind the mask was never proved

Come on Robert Johnson
Though we´re worlds apart
You and I know what it´s like
With the devil in our heart
You sold your soul at the crossroads
Kept a little of mine on hand
I´m wading out this muddy water
Been stranded in the Wasteland

Rattling chains all around my bed
Ghosts can laugh but they´re already dead
I´m not dying and I´m far from gone
The blues man spent his candle but his pain lives on

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