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Eminem – Em calls paul (skit)

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Aye yo Paul, It´s Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
And I know that he´s not ?thrilled? about the video
What does he ?wanna be startin? somethin´??
Well I´ll show him who´s really ?bad?
Paul, ?the way you make me feel? with these calls
You should really take a look at the ?man in the mirror?
And tell him to ?beat it? because I ?won´t stop till I get enough?
Do you ?remember the time? we were watching the ?Billy Jean? video?
Well he?ll always be that Michael to me
And it doesn?t matter if he´s ?black or white?
Because I ?can´t stop loving him? and I hate plastic surgeons
And I hope they all fucking die!
How do you like that´
And I like him, I like him a lot
I want to touch him but I can´t
Excuse me, I´m taking a shit
Anyways, call me back
I have this idea about how I want to end the show
So, hit me when you get this message fucker
Oh, and by the way
No I don´t have a new gun [click] (goddamn it)





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