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Gorillaz – Demon days

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In demon days, it´s cold inside
You don´t get nobody, people sigh
It´s so bad, lasting far, but love yourself
Hiding in a hole in there
All the glasses are too big
Bring it back, got to hold it back
To let you do that yet you don´t want me back
Before it fall down, falling down falling down
Falling out to go far from the soul (ah)

Well these demon days are so cold inside
It´s so hard to live, and so to survive
You can´t even trust the air you breathe
Cause Mother Earth has a soul to leave
When lies become reality
You love yourself because it´s easy
Pick yourself up it´s a brand new day
So turn yourself round
Don´t burn yourself, turn yourself
Turn yourself around to the soul

To the soul, to the soul
To the soul, to the soul

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