the nigth of the silent – I can not wait

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I can not wait

the truth hurts
when you do not know
the truth hurts
if not the face

and I lost you
by ….

‘ll still love you till the end
but I can not resist
so long without you

I can not wait
It’s now or never
because I can not wait
if I have to cederte
on …

every day you see
when you are with the
I wait every day
is something I can do

I can not wait
I have to leave
not know what will happen
until …
Be someone else (2)

every tear is a memory of you
a memory I want to forget ..
I can not go on like this
My world does not end in you (2)
not anymore …

(Guitar solo)

I believe that failure to follow
is something I have to choose
I can not forget
but I have to try

till the en





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