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Selena – El Chico Del Apartamento 512

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Every day is the same on my hallway
I never make it to my door without hearing the catcall
Of a boy who tells me he´s waiting for me
What he should do is go take a bath
And some boring guy stops me again
And I pretend to be interested
When suddenly, out of the elevator steps
The picture of my dreams
The one I want to belong to
The boy from apartment 512
The one that makes my poor heart jump
He´s the one to whom I write letters night and day
That I can´t send
The boy from apartment 512
He´s the one who makes me stutter and more
He´s the one I think and dream about night and day
Him, only him

And an old man invites me, girl, come and see me
And I tell him I don´t really like dirty old men
And I walk to my room really slowly
Hoping to see him
And when he comes out to walk
He greets me with a smile
That truly conquers me

But today I have really decided
To confess all my love to him
I knock on his door and I get chills
When a blonde answers
And my heart breaks

I truly felt my heart breaking
When suddenly she asked me:
Were you looking for my brother?





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