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Selena – La Carcacha

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What a cloud of smoke that has us choking
Everybody´s asking but nobody knows what it is
An old car comes along honking
With tricycle tires and the motor backwards
I´m waiting over on the corner
Like always, his faithful girl
My girlfriends are laughing,
Whispering things about him
Carcacha*, step by step
Don´t stop coming along
Carcacha*, little by little
Don´t leave us (2x)

Look girls, I´m not sorry
And I´m not ashamed of my man
Even if he´s poor and has a carcacha
He treats me like a queen, a real man
And even if he has a carcacha
What matters is that I´m with him
Maybe he´s not the best-looking
But he is my faithful boyfriend





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