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Selena – Vuelve a Mi

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Every time I see it rain
It reminds me of the day you said goodbye
And every drop of water that falls
Is like each tear that I cried for you
And I wait for the day when you return to me
It was raining that day
When you told me goodbye
My tears, you didn´t see them
They got mixed up with the rain
I don´t know what happened with all the love
That we had between us, and it just ended
We swore to always love each other
And today I´m left alone

Return to me,
Because one second is too much
Time without you
It´s so hard to live like that,
I don´t know what to do
If you´re not here, I´ll die
Return to me,
Because my days are so sad without you
And now that you´re not here,
What shall I tell my heart
That doesn?t want to lose you,
Return to me





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