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Sheryl Crow – Abilene

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Can´t you see I´m holding your flag
The one that you left on the ground
Well is the world too heavy for you
If it makes you feel better, I´ll carry it, too
No one?s gonna stand in your light
Impressions are easy to fight
But until you turn to me and say
You don´t need anyone to carry the weight, I will stay o

Bring it on home to me

Isn´t it good to be free o
Can´t you see I´m wearing your shirt
The one with the heart on the sleeve
Everyone can see you´ve been hurt
But honey don´t give up on me
When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna get out of bed
Well everyday you´re gonna find
Broken promises are no worse than words never said


Then you want someone to come along and save the day
Well you make it much too hard

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