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Sistertunes – First date

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I am here dressing up for our first date
I loved all the presents of my birth day
But this is something more than that
Now I start makeing up
Cause I know thatt if they tonigh
Would turn off the lights
I wolud kiss you in the dark
But that´s just in my dreams
Tonight I will see if that can happend to me


All I want you to do tonight
It´s to take my hand and tell me that
You love me and that could be more that enaught
Please tell me that you´ll love me for ever
This is our first night together
And I don´t want it to end never

You were standing there
At the corner of the pub
I knew It was our night
And I could see it in your eyes
I thought please don´t spend the time
Let´s start talking right now

You thought I was your princess
I thaught you were my prince
And like I want it to be
He tooke my hand and said
You are the best that I have in this world
I understand boy
Please don´t say something more


But before I go home
I want you to kiss my lips
Cause if you don´t do it now
Boy, I think I´m gonna die


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