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Slipknot – Do Nothing/bitchslap

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The system has failed and you have failed with it
No time to care, just time to say who gives a shit?
My mind boils as I´ve decided I´m through
Fuck your position in life I´m taking vengence on you

I break down the walls of the political arena
Cast the vote on fn-fal, yeah, we´ll be seein? ya!
(protect yourself)

I want to put a cap right in your asshole
You step to this, you´re gonna pass
For a lump of dogshit in the grass
So, be on your way and get some class


Chop down the big-wigs, shoot the telelvisions, too
My mind boils in life as I´ve decided I´m through
The guilty of crimes will be hung from the trees
Spit and punches arise from you and me

Sit back and do nothing if that´s what you want to do
I will have my reign as king, when I take vengence on you





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