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Richard Marx – Silent scream

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Twenty four and he believes for
Sure he’s got it made
Fame is here for good and
Looks will never fade
He doesn’t know
The game is never over ??till
The cards have all been played

Eighty three and still he feels
His best is yet to come
He believes that youth is
Wasted on the young
He’s alone
The only dream he ever has
Is being with someone

Love you when your standing tall
But nobody knows you when your falling
All you have to do is call
But nobody ever hears the silent scream

Christmas came and went again
But still nobody came
Staring at her wedding photo in a frame
She’s alone
We should hope the loss of memory
Helps to ease the pain


Memories, moments you recall
We should be remembered for the
Greatest of them all
You can’t begin to live someone
Else’s life
Or you’re own will pass you by

Oh, who’s to know
Maybe we can learn a thing or
Two from everyone






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