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Homero Manzi – Sur (South) 1947

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Ancient San Juan and Boedo, the whole sky
Pompeya, farther down the floods
Your loose hair of a bride in my memory
and your name floating in the farewell
The blacksmithÑs corner, mud and pampa, your house, your sidewalk, and
the ditch
and a scent of weeds and alfalfa
that fills the heart all over again
South, a large wall and then
South, a light from a general store
YouÑll never see me again, like you saw me,
reclined on the glass window
and waiting for you
IÑll never illuminate withÑ??the stars
our walk without quarrels
on the evenings of Pompeya
The streets and the suburban moons,
and my love on your window,
all is dead, I know it
Ancient San Juan and Boedo, lost sky,
Pompeya and reaching the embankment,
your twenties trembling with affection
with a kiss I then stole from you
Nostalgias of things that have past,
sand that life swept away,
sorrow for the barrio that have changed,
and bitterness for a dream that died

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