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Rainey Adams – Gone

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You leave your hometown
just to do your own thing
and then you realise
the time you enver belived
and you remember your childhood
but youre so far,
what can you do?

Are you here
to say that you’re gone
or you just want to get your dreams
back to you?
this is not so had
can you understand
people grow up and forget all that

You leave your home
to start a new life
and then you listen someone who cries
alone and just like you were at his age
how you can explain him
that it gonna be ok?
if you left that
so far away
remember nothing is lost
if you have feith, ooh


Go, there a world
hoping to find you somewhere
but come back, at least someday
so you will see
that this is your place

(CHORUS x 2)


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